S-Powertec is striving to develop the best products through continuous research and development to make it a successful age with customers.

S-powertech is one of the leading Korean companies in Reactor & Transformer, under which we develop, manufacture and customise high-quality transformers, chokes and filters.

Our products are used in various applications from heavy industry to Renewable Energy.

Thanks to our decades of experience, we understand our customers’ individual and field-specific requirements and we are able to provide them with solutions that create true added value.

The starting point for our product development is the diverse S-powertech's solutions, which meet both international standard requirements and customer-specific needs.

We invest in training, equipment, facilities and latest developments to improve day by day.

Our technologies and continued development shows that S-powertech has a great present and future.

The company was founded in 2008, and while it still has its roots deep in the south Korea soil, we have customers in other northern American countries as well as in Asia.